Hair care tips sharing uk sale

Hair care

If the hair is damaged, you can’t recover it. You can only rely on hair care to make the hair smooth and shiny. But this smoothness and luster is the credit of the care product, not the hair is really healthy. First make it clear.

For your hair to be smooth, first of all, your hair must be straight enough. Even if the hair is healthy and healthy, it will not achieve the luster and texture of straight hair. Soft and smooth For curly hair, it can only be a touch, and the visual effect is not as good as you think.

Here are a few more effective hair care tips for you.

There are so many different types of hair care products. If you don’t try, you really don’t know which one is right for your perm wigs. But no matter which kind of hair mask or hair care products, we can enhance the effect and achieve the softness and smoothness we expect.

Hair care

1. Hair mask + olive oil: For hair that has just been curled, when adding hair mask, add about 1/10 of pure plant olive oil to enhance the moisturizing and lubricating effect of the hair mask, and make the curled hair more shiny and Play new.

2, hair mask + white vinegar: for severely damaged hair, white vinegar 1 point and 3 distribution film mixed, applied to the damaged hair, massage hair with hand-drawn hair, so that MAO scales are repaired. White vinegar can make the nutrients in the hair mask more fully absorbed by the hair, and also has the effect of moisturizing and locking water.

Hair care tips sharing uk sale

3, first care and then wash: For dry and easy to knot the entangled hair.

before shampoo, use hair conditioner to moisturize the hair.

then comb the hair, then rinse with warm water.

Then wash the scalp with shampoo, the excess foam is washing your hair.

because the hair is clean when you see the water, but the scalp must use shampoo.

Finally use conditioner, which will double your hair’s smoothness. You can then choose the two hair care methods above and do a hair mask treatment at least once a week.

As long as you can maintain the care and care of your hair.

it will not take long for your hair to become soft and smooth, and you will stick to it!

The most taboo for hair mask is to fish for two days in three days.

because once you stop.

you will give up and the hair will soon return to the dry state before the care.

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