Wig hair extensions care items uk sale

Hey, you will actually search for me, have you recently got a wig or want to buy a hair extensions to play, you will not take care of the wig, you want to listen to the conscience of the small series of science, here are the correct steps and wigs of wig care Care tips, enough for you to take care of your new darling.


Wig care items uk sale

1. When you are not wearing a hair extensions, take it off, comb the hair along the original hairstyle, and then put it on the plastic frame, ready for the next time.

2. When cleaning, first mix the shampoo in warm water, then immerse the hair extensions in water. Try to be as little as possible because there is no oil at all.

3. Gently brush with your fingers along the hair.

4. Clear the hair with clear water.

5. Put a small amount of conditioner into the water and immerse the hair extensions for about three minutes before taking it out.

6. Use a towel to remove moisture and let it dry naturally in a ventilated place to extend the life of the hair extensions.

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How to wash the wig


Our scalp properties can be broadly divided into two categories, one is dry and the other is oily. For oily hair, no matter how we wash wig, we still feel that the shampoo is greasy. Is there really no way for people with oily wig?

Our scalp properties can be broadly divided into two categories, one is dry and the other is oily. For oily hair, no matter how we wash it, we still feel that the shampoo is greasy. Is there really no way for people with oily hair? Actually, the method we use is wrong, and people with oily hair are also You can have a smooth hair, let’s take a look at how to wash your hair before it is not greasy.


First of all, you need to know which kind of hair you are. For those who have oily hair, they need to wash their hair every day. It is best to wash your hair in the morning, so that you don’t have oil on the outside day; for dry hair It is not advisable for people to wash their hair every day, because shampooing every day will make the scalp dryer. Wash your hair on a regular basis and choose a shampoo with a high degree of moisturization.

Nowadays, there are a lot of products in the market, although these products can save time and trouble, but these products can not function as a hair care, because they have not been cleaned yet, and this is not cleaned yet. I started to talk about nursing. In fact, the damage to the scalp hair is very heavy, so try not to use the product of washing and sanitizing.

How to wash the wig

1. First wash the hair with clean water, wet inside and outside, so that we can achieve comprehensive cleaning.

2. After the wet hair, pour the shampoo on the hand, then pick up the bubble in your hand, first licking it for the hair to absorb better.

3. Then apply the shampoo on the scalp, then squat in the direction of the head.

4. From bottom to top, slowly massage in a circular motion. When you wash it almost, you are ready to rinse it out. Be careful to rinse your hands behind your ears and temples.

5. After rinsing, you can start to apply hair conditioner and wig mask. These hair care products can not be applied to the scalp. They can only be applied to the hair tips. From bottom to top, less and less is right.

6. After applying the conditioner, there is no need to lick it. After a while, it can be cleaned with water.

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Is it true that the real hair wig is the best?

Temperament curls

Real hair wigs are natural in color, comfortable to wear, and vivid in image. Most people will think that real hair wigs are the best. Of course, the higher-end wigs are expensive. So, is the best wig made? How to tell the real hair high-end hair wig?

Wig hair material comparison

At present, the wool materials used in wigs can be roughly divided into three types: whole human hair (ie, real human hair), synthetic fiber, and mixed hair.

Although the wig made of synthetic fiber is light, not easily deformed and faded, it is easy to care and has a long-lasting shape, but its breathability and hygroscopicity are not as good as human hair wigs.

At present, most people think that the wig made by the whole person’s hair is the best. Indeed, compared with synthetic wigs and mixed wigs, the wig made by human hair looks very natural, and its breathability and hygroscopicity are better than the other two. The wig made of wool material, if it is hand-made, has higher simulation and comfort.

Human hair wig shortcomings

Short hair wave

It is easy to deform and fade: the human hair wig is the same as the real hair. It can be blown, dyed and burnt, but it is easy to deform and the color will fade away.

Easy to break: Although it is not easy to pilling with the clothes collar and so on, it will split and break once damaged.

It’s expensive and heavy: the human hair wig is very heavy; as the sensation is less and less, it’s getting harder and harder to find a high-quality real hair, so it’s very expensive.

Inconvenient care: It is very easy to tie knots when washing hair wigs. Generally, you need to get a professional wig shop to take care of.

Is it true that the real hair wig is the best?

How to distinguish real hair high-end wigs

Pick a small amount of hair and burn it. The first thing is to smell the taste. The real hair is the taste of the barbecue. The addition of the heat-resistant silk is that the plastic taste is easy to distinguish.

Look at the burnt ash, the real hair is crushed into powder.

and the agglomerate is a wig that adds heat-resistant silk.

The maximum temperature of the heat-resistant wire is 180 degrees – 200 degrees, so you can choose a hair straight clip or a point roll to heat straight or bend with a maximum temperature of 220 degrees Celsius, and there is a heat-resistant wire, that is, no The burnt is the real hair.

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