Popular girls short hair wig

short hair wig

Guide: Ai’s girls will always have one or two wigs to short hair wig make their image changeable. In summer, short hair wigs are the first choice for many girls.

Most of the girls’ short hair wigs popular this summer are sweet, and the summer 2015 short hair wig pictures will be enjoyed together. Maybe you will pick the summer short hair that belongs to you.

short hair wig
short hair wigs

fluffy wave head

Super-simulated style, fluffy wave head is close to the face, plus air bangs, fashion sense is rising! Instantly create a cute, playful image of a girl.

cute mushroom head

This super cute and simple mushroom head will be one of the most popular short hair wig styles this summer. The graceful curvature and irregular bangs look very rich and make your  face perfect, which will make you become in summer. Refreshing!

Korean wave head

Popular girls short hair wig

This year’s girls’ short hair styles will be dominated by Bobo heads. This wig Korean style wave head feels super comfortable, natural color, realistic effect, and presented in the style of bangs in the middle, the effect of repairing the face is very strong!

Perm BOBO head

A BOBO head with a personality, the overall look is very natural, coupled with extremely stylish hair color and perm, refreshing and playful, can carry out different styles of bangs, suitable for a variety of different face types.

pear flower micro-short hair

after wearing in the hot summer fashion, Refreshing can not be less.

Choosing fake short hair,

the most important thing is short hair wig to choose according to your face and skin color. The six recommended above will have one you like.