Korean fluffy horsetail wig uk

Korean fluffy horsetail

Many people like to imitate the popular hairstyles of Japan and South Korea, just like the popular Korean fluffy horsetail pony tail, which many Ammet people want to try. But for how to do it, many people are not clear, so let me introduce it below.

Often we can see a variety of shapes on the street, many young people pursue the trend, and combine some of the trend culture of other countries to dress themselves. Often we can see some very trendy shapes in some Japanese and Korean dramas, so many people start to imitate and learn. Recently, a very popular hair style called Korean fluffy ponytail was invented by Korean fashionistas, so many people want to know how it works, so let me introduce the method below.

Korean fluffy horsetail

First, Korean fluffy horsetail hairstyle

First, put a ponytail on the top of your long hair, and then create a fluffy feeling by hand, so that the later effect will be better.

I believe that many Aimeida people know how to get it.

and wrap these shackles around the bun of the ponytail at the top of the head. The rest of the steps are to adjust the hair to make it look more fluffy and spray evenly with a styling spray to make the hair look longer and more versatile.

Second, supple hair can make a fluffy ponytail?

Too soft hair may not produce a good-looking fluffy ponytail effect, supple hair is better.

and there are fewer furrows, so it is difficult to create a fluffy feeling.

However, it is possible to use a splint to make a curl before making a hairstyle, which is also effective. You can also roll up your hair before going to sleep and then tie it into sleep.

so that the hair will have a romantic wave roll the next morning, and the fluffy pony tail will be more beautiful.

It may be difficult to achieve it, but it is important to try it yourself. Try it a few times and you can make a good-looking ponytail shape that suits you.

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