Wig hair extensions care items uk sale

Hey, you will actually search for me, have you recently got a wig or want to buy a hair extensions to play, you will not take care of the wig, you want to listen to the conscience of the small series of science, here are the correct steps and wigs of wig care Care tips, enough for you to take care of your new darling.


Wig care items uk sale

1. When you are not wearing a hair extensions, take it off, comb the hair along the original hairstyle, and then put it on the plastic frame, ready for the next time.

2. When cleaning, first mix the shampoo in warm water, then immerse the hair extensions in water. Try to be as little as possible because there is no oil at all.

3. Gently brush with your fingers along the hair.

4. Clear the hair with clear water.

5. Put a small amount of conditioner into the water and immerse the hair extensions for about three minutes before taking it out.

6. Use a towel to remove moisture and let it dry naturally in a ventilated place to extend the life of the hair extensions.

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