Trend girl perm wigs

perm wigs

Want to change your hair style at any time, but don’t want to mess with your hair? It’s simple, fashion wigs can definitely help you! Let us now take a look at the 2017 Guardian Girls Perm wigs, they are really super in super good!

Trend girl perm wigs

1, natural fluffy wave head perm wig

The wave-hair perm wig with a natural fluffy shape is the hairstyle that many girls dream of, because it is a wig, so the shape has already been shaped, you can wear it directly, simply take care of it. It also has a choice of hair color, overall cute and playful, stylish and ever-changing.

2, fashion air Qi Liu Hai big wave long perm wig

perm wigs

This is a perm hair wig that is very suitable for soft cute girls and wants to make them more sweet. It combines the elements of the most hit hair color, air bangs and big wave rolls, and is woven by high-quality high-temperature silk. The effect is natural, realistic, and comfortable to wear. You can also change a variety of shapes according to your own preferences, whether it is shawl hair, braided hair or hairpin!

3, the Korean version of the corn hot long hair wig

The Korean version of the corn hot long hair wig is made of high-quality high-temperature silk, built-in skin-friendly, soft rose inner net, easy to wear. The design of the middle point is a shame, but if you don’t like it, you can also take care of the bangs you want. The handy girl can also trim it to make the shape more suitable for your requirements.

4, Lolita Harajuku style buckle pear hot wig

As Japanese fashion culture becomes more and more popular, Lolita Harajuku’s Dongdong is also increasingly loved by young MM. It seems that the shit from the second yuan bangs inside the pear-hot wig is almost to be sprouted with wood, ultra-short bangs personality playful, linen + powder hair color is super special, giving a full of dreamy girly feeling, especially Age reduction!

5, fashion partial big wave short perm wig

Fashionable and face-lifting partial wavy short perm wigs have always had a high popularity. After all, there are not many wigs that look good and can be repaired. With the artificial scalp, it can make you wear more natural, and it is the same as the real hair. The inner net that is surrounded by the hollow design is stable and comfortable, so you don’t have to worry about “wearing” and easily transform into a beautiful woman.

6, elegant black in the big wave long perm wig

In view of the fact that some girls prefer traditional and simple wigs,

Aijo Jojot has specially brought you this elegant black line with a large wave long hair wig,

which is fashionable and not easy to be outdated. The whole wig is composed of matte high-temperature wire, which is similar to real hair,

but it is softer and more lustrous than it is,

easy to comb and easy to clean, and it is very easy to take care of.

Today’s 2017 avant-garde girls perm wigs have been introduced,

want to buy more good-looking perm wigs,

please continue to pay attention, there will be more exciting introductions in the next period!